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Marketo provides marketing automation software, and they have the investor-driven funding to generate a lot of awareness for their business.  So much, in fact, that they can afford to lose over $30M last year.  Which is nice, if you are a betting person, and are comfortable hoping they don't go out of business before the money runs out.  But that alone isn't why you should ask yourself if Marketo is the best solution for you.


We all know that success hinges on more than just trust in the longevity of a software provider.  You want to have the confidence that your marketing software can impact your top and bottom line.  You want to have a deep understanding of your customers and leads, and you want to have it all accessible right now.

ChamberZoom's email marketing platform has been around since the beginning of email marketing, long before Marketo.  Our editor is easy to use and stable.  Plus, our marketing automation tools integrate with the ChamberZoom Intelligent CRM automatically.  Automating your online marketing efforts will save your business time and money. Customer relationship management, email marketing and eCommerce are a snap when you use ChamberZoom - and are included with every account. You read that right - with ChamberZoom, you don't need to buy another CRM package.  

If you don't have CRM data available and integrated with your marketing automation, you severely limit your ability to accurately target your campaigns.  You can't use Marketo to, say, target people based on realtime event attendance or other CRM activities.  You also can't do lead scoring or alerts based on CRM criteria without that realtime CRM integration.  Marketo does not have realtime integration.  In other words, your Marketo data is only as accurate as the data you bring in from SalesForce and is only as timely as the last synch you ran. 


ChamberZoom makes it quick and easy for you to automate your marketing efforts to convert leads, grow sales and save time. Saving you over 95% of Marketo's astronomical price tag, ChamberZoom helps you set it and forget it. All of the features you need for one low monthly price. In addition to email marketing, your ChamberZoom account includes Intelligent CRM, marketing automation, landing pages, project management, event management, website analytics and more.

Feature ChamberZoom Marketo Select
Setup Fee None Annual contract required
Price (based on 5,000 contacts) $149/month $3,195/month
Free Trial 30 days Not Available
Monthly Emails Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited 20 Maximum
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Included Not Available
Lead / Opportunity Management Included Included, but requires extra CRM integration
Lead Scoring Included Included, but requires extra CRM integration
Predictive Analytics Included Not Available
Realtime Alerts Included Limited, requires CRM integration
Realtime Social Collaboration Included Not Available
Email Targeting Included Included, requires extra CRM integration
Email Tracking Included Included
Email Templates Included Included but with limited customization
Surveys Included Not Available
Media File Sharing & Storage Included Included, but limited tracking
Event Registration Included Not Available
Project Management Included Not Available
Accounting / Financials Included Not Available
Ticketing System Included Not Available
Public & Private Wiki Tools Included Not Available
Integrated Social Media Manager Included Included, but limited scope and integration
Website Tracking with Campaign Filtering Included, and with CRM Integration Included, but limited CRM integration
Website / Landing Page Builder Included, also allows for personalized webpages, includes SEO tools Included, but can't be personalized
Lead Capture/Web Forms Included, with auto-responders, logic, and CRM integration Included, limited CRM integration
Blogging Tools Included Not Available
Mobile Marketing

$1.50 phone number/month
1.5 cents/SMS

Included inbound call manager with text-to-speech, caller recognition and CRM integration

Included click-to-call with automatic CRM integration

Included SMS to opt-in with automatic email address request if not already in CRM

Not Available

Don't put up with paying too much for software when you don't have to!  That's not a typo up there - Marketo really is that expensive, and don't forget you need to pay for your CRM on top of it.

And you don't have to just believe us - take a look at this independent comparison, powered by

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